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Science Museum Group Collaborative Doctoral Awards

The Science Museum Group / BT Archives have announced that applications are open for the third round of AHRC Collaborative Doctoral studentships with a deadline of 28th November 2014.

Priority Areas for 2015 Awards are:


• How visitors understand historic scientific and technological objects, including live, participatory and/or digital engagement techniques, public history

• Direct engagement between scientists and the public

Science Museum:

• Science and Technology in India, especially post-Partition

• Linking music and science / technology in post-Enlightenment culture.

• Timekeeping, measurement and other instruments

• The material culture of the history of medicine

National Media Museum:

• Science, technology and art of photography, cinematography and TV, 19th & 20thc.

• The Daily Herald and newspaper photographic practice

• The practical and conceptual challenges and implications of new digital technologies for the creation of, storing, sharing and viewing of the still and moving image.

Museum of Science & Industry, Manchester:

• International markets and consumption of Manchester

/north west products

• Social impacts of Manchester technologies and manufacturing

• Scientific, technological and industrial research, innovation and diversification into new markets in twentieth century Manchester

National Railway Museum:

•Railways and Modernism: how the railways influenced, and were influenced by, the development of Modernism in the early 20th century

• High Speed Trains: the technological, social and economic history of high speed trains from the Shinkansen to HS2

• Britain’s railways since privatisation

• The ‘prehistory’ of railways

Full details and an application form can be downloaded here:


Shedding Light on the Galilee

PosterThursday 10th July 2014:

Public Presentations

Participants: Daniela Amadei (CSV), Laura Bertuccioli (CSV), John Crook, Peter Fane-Saunders (DU), Andy Monkman (DU), Iain Ruxton (S&M), Edmund Thomas (DU)

Venue: Priors Hall, Cathedral Close, Durham (entrance from North and South Bailey)

Admission by ticket only (due to limited seating). Tickets can be obtained from the Gala Theatre, Durham (03000 266600), or on the day from the Department of Classics & Ancient History, 38 North Bailey (0191 3341691).



(1)  General project context: architectural lighting in antiquity and Middle Ages (ET)

(2)  Vitruvius’ basilica and its later history: new proposals for lighting (LB/DA)

(3)  Vitruvius in Durham: transmission of the manuscript (ET)

(4)  The Galilee in its medieval context: purpose, structure and lighting (JC)

(5)  Organic lighting and its possibilities for reconstruction (AM/IR)

(6)  Question and answer session