Science Museum Group Collaborative Doctoral Awards

The Science Museum Group / BT Archives have announced that applications are open for the third round of AHRC Collaborative Doctoral studentships with a deadline of 28th November 2014.

Priority Areas for 2015 Awards are:


• How visitors understand historic scientific and technological objects, including live, participatory and/or digital engagement techniques, public history

• Direct engagement between scientists and the public

Science Museum:

• Science and Technology in India, especially post-Partition

• Linking music and science / technology in post-Enlightenment culture.

• Timekeeping, measurement and other instruments

• The material culture of the history of medicine

National Media Museum:

• Science, technology and art of photography, cinematography and TV, 19th & 20thc.

• The Daily Herald and newspaper photographic practice

• The practical and conceptual challenges and implications of new digital technologies for the creation of, storing, sharing and viewing of the still and moving image.

Museum of Science & Industry, Manchester:

• International markets and consumption of Manchester

/north west products

• Social impacts of Manchester technologies and manufacturing

• Scientific, technological and industrial research, innovation and diversification into new markets in twentieth century Manchester

National Railway Museum:

•Railways and Modernism: how the railways influenced, and were influenced by, the development of Modernism in the early 20th century

• High Speed Trains: the technological, social and economic history of high speed trains from the Shinkansen to HS2

• Britain’s railways since privatisation

• The ‘prehistory’ of railways

Full details and an application form can be downloaded here:


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