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Remembering Bhopal: Photo Exhibition

Venue: Durham Town Hall, Market Place, Durham
‪Date: 2nd-22nd April 2015

‪The Bhopal disaster was the worst industrial disaster of all time. In marking 30 years since, Durham Town Hall will be playing host to an exhibition from the 2nd to the 22nd of April titled: “Remembering Bhopal: 30 years of struggle for justice and life with dignity”.

‪The exhibition will feature photos taken by the award winning Magnum photographer Raghu Rai, highlighting 30 years of unimaginable suffering, an injustice never righted, crimes unpunished, and a community that most of the world has forgotten.

‪Free entrance for all. Open everyday from 9 AM – 5 PM.


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Contact: Madhu Dutta ( and Andrew Telford (​)


Treasures of Ushaw College

treasures_ushawUshaw College was founded over 200 years ago just outside the historic city of Durham to educate students for the Catholic priesthood. It can trace its origins back to the exile of university professors at the time of the English Reformation in the sixteenth century, who went on to found a college at Douai, northern France. In addition to its splendid architecture, the college’s library and archival holdings contain a wealth of rare and unique items, including St Cuthbert’s ring, Thomas Cranmer’s personal copy of two Lutheran works and a first edition of the Cabinet du Roi. Treasures of Ushaw College presents more than 45 highlights from these collections, written by leading experts, as well as accounts of the college’s history and the architectural development of the site.

Kelly, James, ed. Treasures of Ushaw College: Durham’s Hidden Gem. London: Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers Ltd, 2015.