Eleanor Wright/Sam Watson Continuous Material

Exhibition in Durham Castle April 27 – May 9


Ralf Brög Issolation (JV_Malkunst), 2015 Screenprint within custom designed display sculpture

Continuous Material is an exhibition by Eleanor Wright and Sam Watson incorporating the work of six invited collaborators: Eric Bainbridge, Paul Becker, Ralf Brög, Aleksandra Konopek, Sini Pelkki and Josh Wilson.

Watson and Wright present an exhibition that explores Durham Castle’s historical and cultural narratives, evidenced by countless stories and physical alterations. The castle has gone from fortress to comfortable college; Continuous Material asks what it means to preserve a cultural landmark, especially one that has gone through centuries of immense political and religious upheaval and social change.   The exhibition features a number of new and existing works by Wright and Watson and their invited artists that function between sculpture, photography, architecture, literature and curation.

Part of the show involves the commission of a new text based work by the artist Paul Becker – The Opposite of A Pulpit – based on a series of real and fictional walks through Durham, where the artist lived, partly in secret, between 2008/9.

On Friday May 1st, Becker will lead a walk through real and imaginary, personal and fictional spaces and events related to his time living in the city and to the artist Ian Breakwell and the Durham Cathedral Artist’s Residency (1983-2011). The walk will begin at 6.30pm on Framwellgate Bridge and will stop at various points throughout the city, ending up at Durham Castle at 7.30pm when refreshments will be served at the public open evening of the exhibition.

During the exhibition in addition to the regular Castle guided tours, 3 special tours incorporating the show and conceived by Wright and Watson entitled ‘Friendly Takeovers’ will take place on 30th April, 2nd May and 9th May, all at 4.15pm.

These special tours are bookable via the Castle tour website: https://www.dur.ac.uk/durham.castle/

This exhibition was sponsored by University College and CVAC and was commissioned by Dr Hazel Donkin, Please feel free to contact her with any queries at hazel.donkin@durham.ac.uk

The show featured in The Guardian’s list of the week’s new exhibitions: http://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2015/may/02/this-weeks-new-exhibitions?CMP=share_btn_fb


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