Islands, Images, Imaginaries

islandsWith this special issue of Third Text, ‘Islands, Images, Imaginaries’, we seek new ways of seeing and imagining spaces, particularly the complex places of islands. Whereas several other studies in this vein have usefully probed different insular image-making processes to intervene within existing area studies or shift the understanding of national or imperial imaginations, this collection attempts to think through a more global arc in order to examine processes that unexpectedly cross boundaries. Our focus highlights the longue durée of colonialism, particularly the ways in which advanced capitalism has amplified the dispossession of insular subjects in the wake of shifting forms of imperial tourism and militarism. We investigate how fantasy, politics and economics work together to produce islands and the stakes of such imbricated discourses.

Sean Metzger, Francisco-J. Hernández Adrián and Michaeline Crichlow, ‘Introduction: Islands, Images, Imaginaries’, Third Text 28.4-5, pp 334-5.


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