CFP: POST SCREEN: International Festival of Art, New Media and Cybercultures

The Artistic Studies Research Center of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon University invites you to submit a proposal for a paper or artwork to the upcoming POST SCREEN: International Festival of Art, New Media and Cybercultures to be held in November 2014 in Lisbon, Portugal.

1. Scope
Since the mid-20th century, technological development has been growing to such an extent, that it became an inescapable influence in everyday life of contemporary society. The use of portable cameras, the easy and widespread access to video and photo editing softwares, the use of social networks, as well as interactive games are part of the personal, professional and social daily routine of every individual.
The subject of the POST SCREEN Festival 2014 will be Device, Medium and Concept. Recognizing that these aspects exist in a hybrid territory whose borders are sometimes very faint and not always possible to distinguish, we intend to discuss the use of screen-based devices (traditional, analog or digital) as a tool used in artistic practices and social behaviours; the screen as medium, entails the production and archiving of works of art, cultural and social activities, exclusively generated through technological screens making use of intrinsic technological attributes that a given medium provides; the screen as a concept, refers mainly to the aesthetic, phenomenological and social aspects that involve the idea of screen. These are intended to reexamine the various problems concerning art and culture mediated by screens.
The Festival will comprise a cycle of conferences, a group exhibition of artworks in a virtual gallery and workshops. This event aims to gather a number of experts in diverse fields of research and artistic practice and promote an interdisciplinary discussion and an exhibition of creative productions on emerging issues related to the use of new technologies (moving image, sound, digital images, virtual reality, immersive environments, network cultures).

2. You may submit the following presentation types:
2.1 A paper to be presented at the conference;
2.1.1 The topics of interest for paper submission include, but are not limited to:
– The screen as Device, as Medium and as Concept;
– Theoretical and practical approaches to the screen-based art;
– Screen-based visual culture;
– From window-screen to the ubiquitous-screen;
– Virtual and immersive environments;
– The technological progress of the screen and its repercussion in the social, cultural, artistic, economic and political context;
– The historical, technological and artistic remediation of the screen;
– New definitions and proposals for the concept of screen and its role in art, technology and culture;
– Consumption and dependence of the screens as alienating social factor;
– Cyberculture as a system overpowered by the existence of screens;
– The relationship between the body and the screen;
– The screen as an interface between real/virtual spaces and private/public spaces;
– Production, archive and obsolescence of digital works;
– The screen as an artifact and as a mean of production;
– Virtuality and physicality of the screen;

2.1.2 We also encourage submissions within a variety of disciplines and fields, related to Art and Technology, including:
– Art and theory
– Art History
– Aesthetics
– Art and New Technologies
– Curatorial Practices
– Social Sciences
– Cultural Studies
– New Media

2.2 An artwork to be presented at the virtual gallery of the festival.
2.2.1 The themes for the submission of the works must comply with the overall theme of the festival that refers to the screen as Device, Medium and Concept.
2.2.2 Submissions are accepted in various genres, such as:
– Installations
– Interactive installations
– Video
– Audio
– Site-specific installations
– Multiple projections
– Immersive environments
– Video-performance
– Ciberarte
– Web-Art
– Videographic documentation of works with interactive and participative character
– Digital Platforms
– Visual Arts

3. Review and selection process:
The papers will be reviewed through a double blind reviewing process by the International Board.
The art projects will be selected through a single blind reviewing process (only the curator will know the identity of the artist) by the Curator Committee.

4. Important Dates
May 31  – End date for submitting the paper proposal / Art Project
July 25 – Notification of acceptance or rejection of the paper proposal /Art Project
August 31  – Submission of full paper for publication + full artwork high quality file for virtual gallery.

For more information, please go to Post Screen Festival website or


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