City and Emotions: Doing Emotions History through Architecture

Dr Johanna Lozoya (UNAM, National Autonomous University of Mexico) will speak on ‘City and Emotions: Doing Emotions History through Architecture’ at a research seminar organized by the School of Modern Languages and Culture’s Visual & Performance Research Group.

19 March 2014, 12:00, A56, Elvet Riverside I, Durham University

Dr Johanna Lozoya is a novelist, cultural historian and architect. She is the Director of GEE-MX Lab (Laboratory on City & Emotions: Laboratorio Grupo Estudio de las Emociones – México) at the Research Coordination on Architecture, Urbanism and Landscape, Faculty of Architecture, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). GEE-MX Lab is a trans–disciplinary experimental project in applied humanities. The main collective research theme is the study of contemporary and historical emotional communities + emotional social cohesion for urban development, sustainability under/after hazard, and risk.

Dr Lozoya´s lines of research are the history of ideas and Latin America´s cultural and political imaginaries in the 20th century, history of emotions, City & Cold War, cultural historiography and architecture. She is the author of Monsters of Silence. Wanderings on Contemporary Anguish (Taurus, 2014); Besieged Cities (Tusquets, 2010); The Indian Hands of the Spanish Race. Mestizaje as an Architectural Argument (Conaculta, 2010); Written Architecture (INAH, 2009); and of the novels Simple Crimes (2014) and Letters from Aden (Anagma 2011).

She is currently working on the novel Troy City (Chile, Ceibo, 2014); on two research projects: Love in Times of Architecture. A Battle during the Cold War and The Age of Guilt. Emotions, Media and Latin America´s Left Culture (1970-1990), and on a book of criticism: Deep Disjuncts. Emotional Geographies of the Progressive Woman (Chile, Ceibo, 2015).

Contact for more information about this event.


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